Company History 


Our History


ACAT Global was formed in 2010 with the acquisition of General Motors-developed catalytic converter substrate technology and related production assets from Delphi. Senior Delphi engineers joined us at that time as well.

In 2012 we achieved ISO-9001 certification to signal and enable our dedication to the highest quality standards and continuous improvement in everything we do. We were recertified by NSF in September, 2015.

In 2013-14 we acquired Emico and Whitman Manufacturing in the greater Toronto area. Emico was established in 1996 as a spin-off of Volkswagen of Canada but its roots date back to the early ‘80’s as the catalytic converter manufacturing arm for VW. Whitman Manufacturing was founded in 1989 and has long focused on the design and production of emissions, exhaust and related components with special emphasis in the power generation and turf maintenance industries.

Also in 2013, ACAT acquired Oliver Racing Parts, a precision machining company that has specialized in connecting rod manufacturing for the auto racing market during the past 30+ years. Oliver also has expertise in machining of processed steel and exotic metals in the aerospace, aviation and defense industries.

Today, ACAT Global is home to all the technology, talent and resources of these successful legacy companies. We are organized into three operating divisions: ACAT Global, ACAT Exhaust and ACAT Metallic. All are now solely focused on designing and delivering on our brand promise: superior emission control and tubular metal solutions, whether in part or in total, based on customers’ specific needs. A summary of core competencies includes:


  •  Emission control & exhaust components and systems
  •  Metallic substrate technology
  •  Tubular assemblies
  •  Welded assemblies
  •  Fastener technologies
  •  Design/build of complicated pick-and-place automation
  •  Design/build of tooling & specialty equipment