Metallic Catalytic Converters

ACAT Global’s metallic catalytic converters deliver unparalleled performance and fuel economy while meeting – or exceeding – stringent emissions standards for all markets. ACAT was founded to relentlessly pursue the next revolution in metallic catalytic converter technology. That dedication has allowed our team of engineers to achieve something no other company has – better performance, increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions at a competitive price.

Rigorous testing by regulated labs have also proven that our converters can consistently withstand the stress of 700+ horsepower engines while meeting stringent durability and emissions standards.

Cost Competitive

Easy to Install

Proprietary Metallic Core Technology

No Failure in 5 Million Miles of Testing

50,000 Mile
5 Year Warranty

Made in the USA

ACAT Global’s products are proudly made in the USA and Canada and backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

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