Universal Ceramic Catalytic Converter


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“Ceramic” Monolith Substrate Converter Description

ACAT’s Catalytic Converter with their ceramic monolith substrates are designed to deliver OEM Level Durability, Form, Fit and Function for the Automotive Car & Truck Aftermarket. ACAT only uses OEM ceramic monolith substrates and wash-coat technology provided by a Global OEM Catalyst supplier. Our EPA compliant catalytic converters provide our customers superior emissions at an Excellent Value.

This Excellent Value is truly the definition of “fix it right the first time” when selecting your next replacement Direct Fit catalytic converter System that you want to last through the guaranteed warranty period. ACAT’s Catalytic Converter Systems with their ceramic monolith substrates surpasses the market competition in durability, design, and longevity while meeting emissions standards which prevent your vehicle MIL light from turning on.

Every CNC-formed ACAT catalytic converter body is manufactured from a seam laser-welded stainless steel tubular section that encloses ACAT’s OEM Ceramic Monolith Substrate with an OEM mat mount.

ACAT Universal Catalytic Converter Systems are made in USA & Canada and backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

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WEIGHT 3.4 lbs