Universal Metallic Catalytic Converter


ACAT Global’s EPA compliant Universal Metallic Catalytic Converters, with metallic herringbone monolith substrates, are engineered to improve power output and deliver OEM-quality durability, form, fit and function. Built for both the automotive OEM’s and aftermarket, our metallic herringbone monolith design can be tailored to reduce back pressure and improve exhaust gas flow distribution for better performance and dyno-proven horsepower gains mile after mile.

Our metallic converters also allow you to meet the strictest emissions standards while providing an opportunity to enhance MPG, reduce total system weight and noise, improve power output and decrease vibration and harshness – all at a competitive cost.

Precision Made

Every CNC-formed ACAT catalytic converter body is manufactured from a single laser-welded stainless-steel tubular section that is spun around ACAT’s herringbone metallic monolith. Our herringbone substrates are wrapped with 3M Interam 1600HTE series non-intumescent mat-mount material, which lowers the outside converter shell temperature up to 400°F.

Perfect Fit

 Our Universal Metallic Catalytic Converters fit into a vehicle based on size (OAL, Mantle OD., etc.), shape and engine displacement (3.8L, 5.9L 6.2L, etc.). A Universal converter, which does not typically have inlet/outlet extension pipes, may be used in hundreds of vehicle applications and can be welded onto an exhaust system when the existing converter is removed.

ACAT Global’s products are proudly made in the USA and Canada and backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Call (231) 437-5000 or email us at info@acatglobal.com to learn more about our competitively priced catalytic converter technology and to place your order.